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Chapter Council Meetings

Chapter Council Meetings
Dec 2-4 Berkeley
Sep 9-11 Morro Bay
Jun 3-5 Tahoe
Mar 11-13 San Pedro
Dec 4-6 Santa Clara Valley
Sep 11-13 Fort Bragg
May 29-31 Quincy, Plumas County - St. John's Parish Hall
Mar 13-15 Yucca Valley Community Center
(outside Joshua Tree National Park)
Dec 5-7 Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (Davis)
Sep 5-7 Big Pine (Inyo Co.)
May 30-31, June 1 Imperial Beach (San Diego Co.)
Mar 7-9 Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Dec 6-8 Sedgwick Reserve, Santa Barbara County
Sep 6-8 Trinidad
2014 CNPS Elections for State Offices
May 31-Jun 2 Marin
Mar 8-10 Claremont
Dec 7-9 Sacramento
Sep 7,8,9 Location: Arboretum at UC Santa Cruz
Jun 1,2,3 Location: Berkeley
Mar. 10-11 Location: Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Dec. 3-4 Location: Monterey
Quarterly ED Report (PDF 444kb)
CNPS Quarterly Report (PDF 790kb)
Presentation: Phenology Forum (PDF 1.6Mb)
Presentation: Chapter Horticulture Symposia (PDF 976kb)
Presentation: CNPS Conservation Update (PDF 125kb)
Sep. 9-11 Location: Balboa Park, San Diego
CNPS Quarterly Report Performance Indicators (PDF 770kb)
Sept. 2011 Program Report (PDF 790kb)
Jun. 3-5 Location: Bakersfield
CNPS Strategic Plan Overview (PDF 516kb)
Mar. 11-13 Location: Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Minutes (PDF 690kb)
CNPS Strategic Plan (PDF 269kb)
CNPS Quarterly Report Performance Indicators (PDF 451kb)
Strategies for Building Membership from the Redbud Chapter (PDF 2.2MB)
Dec. 10-12 Location: San Francisco
Minutes (PDF 981kb)
December 2010 Program Report (PDF 371kb)
Sept. 11-12 Location: Fort Bragg
Focus on conservation
Minutes (PDF 622kb)
Performance Indicators for 2010 Q1 (PDF 833kb)
2010 Focus on Conservation – presentations
Agenda (PDF 60kb)
September 2010 Program Report (PDF 335kb)
Jun. 4-6 Location: Oroville, CA (and locations in Chico, CA)
Minutes (PDF 600kb)
Agenda (PDF 111kb)
June 2010 Program Report (PDF 297kb)
Mar. 13-14 Location: Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Minutes (PDF 666kb)
March 2010 Program Update (PDF 297kb)
Dec. 5 Location: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara
Host: Chapter: Santa Clara Valley
Date: Dec. 5-6, 2009
Draft Minutes (DOC 340kb)
Mission and Vision (DOC 21kb)
Membership Committee Minutes (DOC 53kb)
NPFS Policy Revision (DOC 34kb)
Sept. 12 Southern California Chapters: Orange, San Diego, South Coast
Final Minutes (DOC 327kb)
Mission and Vision Update (DOC 72kb)
Outreach Through Libraries (PDF 302kb)
Growth and Retention Best Practices (PDF 576kb)
Chapter Newsletter Survey (PDF 86kb)
Horticulture and Native Gardens Committee Notes (DOC 283kb)
Positions vs. Policies (DOC 23kb)
Membership Committee Notes (DOC 157kb)

Agenda (DOC 256kb)
Logistics (updated 9/8/09) (DOC 263kb)
Positions vs. Policies (DOC 27kb)
Jun. 6 Incline Village, NV Sierra Nevada College
Final Minutes (DOC 146kb)
Renewable Energy Development Talking Points (DOC 262kb)
Notes from Conservation Session (DOC 24kb)
Preliminary Details (PDF 70kb)
Agenda (DOC 253kb)
Mar. 14 Claremont, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Agenda (PDF 81kb)
Final Minutes (DOC 106kb)
Minutes/Notes from Breakout Sessions (DOC 66kb)
Dec. 6 Oakland, Mills College
Final Minutes from Dec. Council Meeting (DOC 72kb)
Invasive Plant Session Notes (PDF 9kb)
Agenda as of Nov 30 (PDF 198kb)
Minutes from Sept Council Meeting (PDF 68kb)
Sunday Field Trip (PDF 95kb)
Sep. 6

Santa Rosa
Burbank Art and Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Ave.
Newsletter Editors Session Notes (PDF 27kb)
Agenda as of August 26 (PDF 149kb)

Jun. 7

Draft Minutes as of Jun 30 (PDF 246kb)
Public Relations Strategies Session (PDF 456kb)
Feature Story Tips (PDF 221kb)
ED, Program Quarterly Report (PDF 64kb)

Mar. 8 Claremont, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Memo on Elections (DOC 22kb)
Attendee List page 1, page 2 (JPEG 250kb)
Draft Minutes (PDF 278kb, as of 2008 May 22)
Legislative Committee Report (RTF 2kb)
Membership Report (PowerPoint 243kb)
Program Policy Committee Report (DOC 29kb)
Rare Communities Presentation (DOC 31kb)
Tools for Rare Plant Research Presentation (PDF 2.9MB)
Dec. 8 Berkeley, UCB Botanic Gardens
Draft Minutes (PDF 151kb)
Sep. 8 Santa Cruz, UCSC Arboretum
Accepted Minutes (PDF 120kb)
Jun. 2 San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay Community Center
Accepted Minutes (PDF 165kb)
Mar. 10 Claremont, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Accepted Minutes (PDF 168kb)
Dec. Berkeley, UC Berkeley
Accepted Minutes (PDF 166kb)
Sep. Arcata
Accepted Minutes (PDF 143kb)
Jun. Ridgecrest
Accepted Minutes (PDF 157kb)
Mar. Claremont, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Accepted Minutes (PDF 135kb)

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